Banking Treasury And Risk Management Introduction
Understand risk and interactions between essential treasury functions like cash management, liability management, etc. Get an overview of financial instruments and risk exposures of different functions
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Do you have new team members in your treasury risk controlling team?

Do you wish to give them a quick overview of risk controlling and treasury business?

Then this slide pack can be leveraged by senior treasury professionals to give overview of the activities of different functions within Treasury including their responsibilities, risk exposures and financial instruments used by the team. Also you will find high level interaction between treasury functions.

The topics covered are:

  • Principles of risk management
    • Risk management framework
    • Types of risk
    • Risk to metrics used to quantify (measure the risk)
  • Overview of treasury
    • Different functions in treasury and high level interaction
    • Each treasury functions responsibilities, risk associated with the function and the financial instruments used by the team
  • Challenges faced by risk controlling team
  • Tech stack used by risk controlling team to monitor the risks

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